[2013-11-20] keepassX dropbox and android

You might heard of the resent hack on Adobe where millions of bad encrypted passwords where stolen and leaked. If not just google "password leak" and you can see that this happens quite often.

Those people who reuse there password are now in great danger. Everybody could now check for a specific email address, get the password and try to login to facebook or gmail. That made me think. I also used to reuse a lot of passwords. I have to log in to about 40 different accounts per week and i cannot, or just don't want to remember 40 different passwords.

Now I am using KeepassX to store a different password for each website. I have just to remember one strong password and I can lookup every password in a second. The login is now much faster when I had to probe my 3-4 common passwords. You can also let it type the username and password for you. I sync my key-database with dropbox, so each of my laptops has the most recent version of keys. It will work when I am offline (after I synced the keys). And there is also an android app that will let me look up the passwords from my phone and dropbox even when I am not at home.

And for the Windows and Mac folks, KeepassX is also available for your OS.